I am an Italian creative photographer based in Spain. If you are curious about my artistic work, have a look at the portfolio section of my blog, at my portfolio in 500PX or at my website. If you would like to discover my social dimension, have a look on Emotionage. If you want to contact me, write to: giusatriani@yahoo.com

This blog is about visual arts “lived in first person”. Everything you see or read in this blog is something that I felt directly in myself and have inspired me a story worthy to be shared with you. Could be, by visiting an exhibition, by creating a work, by meeting and speaking with an artist, by reading an article, by exploring a space, in any case that have generated in me an emotion.

The enjoyment of art in general and particularly visual ones, is a great opportunity to advance in knowledge. Creation is a two-way act, a multiple dialogue between the artist that shows and the viewer that interprets the artistic proposal. Through this blog I want to create these dialogues and to provide the opportunity for those who want to talk, to do so, by proposing or interpreting…

Soy un fotógrafo creativo que vive en España. Si queréis curiosear en mi trabajo artístico: visitad la sección Portfolio de mi Blog, mi portfolio en 500OX o mi website; si queréis descubrir mi dimensión de “Fotoliteral”, visitad Emotionage.

Sono un fotografo creativo che vive in Spagna. Se foste interessati in ció che propongo artisticamente: visitate la sezione Portfolio del Blog, il mio portfolio in 500PXo il mio website; se volete scoprire la mia dimensione di “Fotoletteraria”, visitate Emotionage.

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