Feeling apart together

Briefing: Loneliness is an emotional experience, sought solitude is the encounter with ourselves, the loneliness is transformed into black hole when we believe that we should not be; want to be alone when we can not be. Not having experienced any life stage alone, induces us to fill all empty spaces left between times, even to be alone with others. Having lived alone teaches us that we are never alone because we are always accompanied by our mind in which dance tirelessly images, words, voices, experiences, thoughts. The objective of this photographic work is to represent scenarios in which I invite the visitor to enter, and to image to be lead and lonely actor, to test the emotional experience of loneliness and understand if in your case is a bright chance to feeling good about himself or conversely, a dark time of depression and sadness

 Exhibitions and Awards:

  • Some of these images have been exhibited in Feria De Arte 2012 in Medinaceli, Spain

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