Matera – European Capital of Culture 2019

Matera is the city where my mother was born and where I spent most of my summers when I was young. There is an huge contrast between the current Matera and the one I keep in my hearth: there is the Matera of tourists who are crowded on the viewpoints towards “I Sassi”; on the other hand, there is myself floating in my inner world that leads me in the places of my childhood, in search of the smells of the past and of the light that continues to be the same: strong, clear, Mediterranean. This is the genesis of this visual proposal.

The images above are the result of this lonely walk among the crowd and the next development work that has allowed me to align memories and photographed reality. I have chosen pure black and white (in Cieli Neri series) or with a very slight bluish turn (in Ricordi e Presente series) and to give prominence to the sky. In Ricordi e Presente, the sky is obscured, but in it, the clouds are the protagonists so that they make a counterpoint to the striking white of the houses. In Cieli Neri, the sky is absent so that the rest take the maximum of the protagonism.

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