BriefingI wanted to weave a thread between the title (Reflectives Trees) and the work I did in post-production with the original images; I try to convey the feeling I feel when I am in contact with trees. This feeling has to do with self-absorption, with the capacity to perceive one’s own inner infinity, through the outer infinity. I use all the senses when I am among the trees, to perceive sensations so deep that they allow me to create an habitable oasis in which I isolate and charge myself with positive energy.
In this work I used the composition I originally captured, to create new spaces both physical and emotional, similar to the sensations that the contemplation of so much beauty generates in my soul.

The first image on the top left: “Lake of arboreal swans” has been awarded as Highly Commended in the International Garden Photography of the Year 2017


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