Sapore di sale, sapore di mare

Briefing: Italian Adriatic sea. It’s very common in summertime an healthy and at the same time something comical habit  to “over-turn” our bodies to recover in a few days all the time lost during long months of low physical activity. A dedication to the many Mr and Mrs muscle that are proudly self-displayed without shame … they walk, run, walking talking, talking running, they discuss dancing, dancing playing, they look, you look them, it does not look to, then turn around looking, they enter and exit from the water, turns to the sun, taking photographs, they burn calories aw well as their skin, aerobic / anaerobic … a whole host of social grammar and semantic of appearance flavored salt and sea.


3 thoughts on “Sapore di sale, sapore di mare”

  1. La serie ha mejorado… Y el blanco y negro hace que uno se fije más en las personas, y que no se pierda entre tanto colorido…


  2. Mejorado….pero todavía no ha alcanzado un nivel como para presentarla? le falta algo todavía? la inclusión de fotos con otras perspectivas ha contribuido a la mejora?


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