Urban Liquidity

Briefing: To date, half of the world population lives in urban areas. The United Nations estimates that by 2050 two thirds of the world’s population ( 6 billion people ) will live in cities. For a long time architects are asking yourselves these questions and at the same time, they are providing answers that are shaping a new concept of city, less segregationist and more inclusive; in this way was born the idea of “Liquid City “. This concept implies the need to mix, to pollinate, to come into contact. The city of the future will be then incomplete, without limits, it will invite to exploration. Today’s cities are dominated by boundaries: rich neighborhoods vs poor neighborhoods; neighborhood business district vs dormitory districts; popular houses vs residential complexes, etc. Future cities will transform boundaries into borders; they will create opportunities to promote some form of daily exchange between different communities in order to increase the welfare and the number of possibilities for all.

Exhibitions and Awards:


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