Silencio en un no-lugar

Briefing: fog is for the eyes what snow is for the ear: they generate both silent, but the fog creates a visual silence, while snow generates an acoustic silence. Both create what I define as “non-places” that is, spaces with no maps and time with no clocks, because in them every differences vanish. Consequently, non-places are places that can be everywhere because they have no identity, just like the places created around large shopping malls. In them are forced to live some trees, so that our consciences will not feel totally guilty for such a brutal destruction of identity. I have chosen a mounting in diptychs to re-create the verbal exchange between buildings and trees; a metaphor for the last tentative to provide these non-places with a hint of self-identity.

Exhibitions and Awards:

  • Some of these images have been exhibited in Feria De Arte Medinaceli 2013

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